~::Shipping form::~

This Page Updated 1-10-2017

Before shipping please print and fill out this form and send with payment

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City:_______________________State:_____ Zip:_________

Phone: (          )_____________________________________

Vehicle year & make:_______________________________

Gas or Diesel:_____________________________________

Engine size:________ Transmission (AT/MT):___________

Vin#:_____________ _______________________________

Computer Part#:___________________________________

Email Address: ____________________________________

(Explain what is wrong with your computer)


(Name of shop & mechanic / Phone# for this Car/Truck)



Insure and ship your computer to us or Core and

this form with the Total payment.

Make Company Check or US POSTAL or Walmart MONEY ORDERS to pay to the order of: 

Thomas Thompson. 

Ship To:

Thomas Thompson

PO BOX #353

Summerville, GA 30747

Call or text Tracking #s once shipped

(770) 676-2973