This Page Just Updated 5-28-2020

If you want us to repair/rebuilt your Computer Model Use this form and ship with Module and Payment.

Before shipping please print and fill out this form and send with payment attached.

Repaired computers come with a Warranty of 1 Year or a Lifetime Warranty. No refund will be given on repaired computers. In the event computers are damaged beyond repair a replacement charge can be paid for a rebuilt replacement unit. If a replacement unit is not wanted a partial refund will be given. A checking fee from $49 to $149 will be charged on all gas engine computers that are unrepairable or Diesel units will be charged from $249 to $349 depending on the unit type.




City:___________________State:____ Zip:_______

Phone: (       )_______________________________

Vehicle year & make:_________________________

Engine size:_____ Transmission (AT/MT):_______


Computer Part#:____________________________

Email Address: _____________________________

(Explain what is wrong with your computer and why you think it is the computer)

(Name of shop & mechanic / Phone# who is working on this car/truck)

Insure and ship your computer to us or Core and this form with the Total payment.

Make Check or US Postal Money Order or Walmart MONEY ORDERS to pay to the order of Thomas Thompson.

When unit is shipped Text Photo or email tracking #s to:



Make payment to and Ship To:

Thomas Thompson

Repair Service Dept

84 Dandelion Drive

Summerville, GA 30747