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“Ron’s Mustang GT runs great”
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"Porsche 924s Flys again"
"5 bad ECMs other Co."
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"Stupid people at MAZDA"
I grin when my truck starts up
"jeep passed inspection"
International down 5 months”
"Finally Passed inspection"
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"2 ECMs 2yrs still working"
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1992 Mustang GT

Rebuilt Customers ECM

1992 Mustang GT, 5.0 ECM# E9ZF-12A650-BA
Engine turns over, got fuel pressure
of 39#, got spark, new distr. cap & rotor,
injectors have power to them, but will not
fire up. Will run with spray.Fuel pump runs
constantly, does not shut off. must be bad ECM


1992 Mustang GT, 5.0 ECM# E9ZF-12A650-BA
Jun 1 2015
Ron Fancher

OK. I received it today. Will try it on Tues & let you know.


Jun 3 2015
Hi Tom,
Installed it yesterday late afternoon and it worked. Ford put that in the
worst possible place to get at.
Thanks to you we now can use the car after a year of trying to get it fixed.
 Another computer repair co. claimed it was not repairable. GOOD JOB TOM.
Thanks again.
There are a lot of Mustangs out there, I am surprised no one is making
new computers.
Sent from Windows Mail

July 7th 2015

Me: Hey Ron hows that ECM doing?? 5:48 PM
160772XXXXX: Great good job 4:06 PM
Me: OK you got the car running?? 4:07 PM
 +160772XXXX: Yes 4:08 PM
Me: Great can I add your story to the happy customer page? 4:08 PM
 +160772XXXX: Ok 4:09 PM