Happy Customers5

Happy Customers

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Happy Customers6

“Ron’s Mustang GT runs great”
"Mark’s speedometers working"
"Dave Knight says it best"
"Pat the DJ's Jeep Works now"
"Richard's great Saturn"
"Willy Def Good service & price"
"Ed never worked online"
"Honda Works Isaish"
"Finest companys in the USA"
"Running like a top"
"Porsche 924s Flys again"
"5 bad ECMs other Co."
“98 Cadi Cruise Good”
“Mercedes ECM is great”
"Stupid people at MAZDA"
I grin when my truck starts up
"jeep passed inspection"
International down 5 months”
"Finally Passed inspection"
"Son on his way by 3:00"
"2 ECMs 2yrs still working"
"Tiburon Rebuild works"
“Freightliner back on the road”





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96 Jeep Cherokee

Your Welcome Pat enjoy your car and the LIFETIME WARRANTY!!






RE: Hey there Patrick


Fri, 14 Mar 2008 13:49:27 -0700


Your product worked GREAT !!  I didn't want to mess things up so

I had a mechanic install the unit - it's a good thing. It wasn't

easy.  He remembered a trick to install the unit and I would never

had known that.  I had my car smogged last month and it passed.

Thanks again for your good service and quality product.