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1995 Honda Accord

+1229300XXXX - Valdosta, GA
6/2/15 3:42 PM 95 Honda Accord ECM# 37820-PT3-A71


Me: Hey Isaish hows the replacement ecm doing??

5:44 PM +1229300XXXX: It's goin fine I did run into a slight problem I was concerned about. When the car is ideal it sometimes rev's up by it's self then lowers down then repeats the same thing for at least 5-10 mins.

5:50 PM Me: These computers sometimes do a relearn and will adjust them selves. Let me know if it works better soon

5:51 PM Me: also do a full tune up that also helps on late model cars like yours

5:51 PM +1229300XXXX: Ok thanks a lot Tom.

5:51 PM Me: I'd love to add you to the happy customer page is that ok with you 5:52 PM +1229300XXXX: Yes that's fine 6:26 PM Me: OK great ty