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Happy Customers

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Happy Customers6

“Ron’s Mustang GT runs great”
"Mark’s speedometers working"
"Dave Knight says it best"
"Pat the DJ's Jeep Works now"
"Richard's great Saturn"
"Willy Def Good service & price"
"Ed never worked online"
"Honda Works Isaish"
"Finest companys in the USA"
"Running like a top"
"Porsche 924s Flys again"
"5 bad ECMs other Co."
“98 Cadi Cruise Good”
“Mercedes ECM is great”
"Stupid people at MAZDA"
I grin when my truck starts up
"jeep passed inspection"
International down 5 months”
"Finally Passed inspection"
"Son on his way by 3:00"
"2 ECMs 2yrs still working"
"Tiburon Rebuild works"
“Freightliner back on the road”
“WorldECM jeep Serviced”





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David is a great Loyal Customer too Thank you David!

Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 09:11:17 -0400

From: "David McDaniel" <hoserracing@gmail.com>

To: "Thomas Thompson/worldecm.com" <world_ecms@yahoo.com>

Thanks for the ECU, solved my poor running problem and can't beat the lifetime warranty! If it ever happens on another car, I'm coming back!

The car was not idling correctly, the idle was climbing up & down, the car was misfiring and stumbling while driving and accelerating. Knowing how easy it is to damage the electronics in modern cars, I had a certified Mercedes Technician install the ECU, and now the car is running like a top again.

Thanks Tom!

David McDaniel