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N14Cummins ECM

R Dykes Trucking

43 J C Road, Seale, Alabama, 36875

+17065360968: I have an N14 Celect Plus ecm that's needing repairing. Thanks 8:12 PM

We were able to Rebuild There N14 Celect Plus ECM and Ship it home.

After a few weeks of the unit working good I text ed Robert::

Me: Hey Robert how is that ECM doing?? 6:41 PM

+17065360968: It's doing fine so far. 6:42 PM

Me:Thats great so is it ok to add you to the happy customer page on the website? 6:43 PM

+17065360968: Yes it is 7:39 PM

Me: what did you want to tell everyone in this post? 7:45 PM

+17065360968: It's your call. We are happy with the results that we got. 7:54 PM

Me: That will be good news to others who have a unit thats not working.. Did yours work at all before i got it and rebuilt it?? 7:58 PM

+17065360968: Yes it worked before but then it messed up and you rebuilt it. 7:58 PM

Me: +17065360968: Engine cranks up and runs for about 30 seconds and cuts off and flashes a code 343 that says internal ecm fault. 8:00 PM

Me: Now it starts up and runs great correct? 8:00 PM

+17065360968: We had the truck running for about a month when that code came up. 8:01 PM

+17065360968: Yes it does. 8:02 PM

Me: ok good I just want to let people see what kind of problem you had 8:15 PM

+17065360968: Ok thanks 8:20 PM

Me: Thank you 8:25 PM