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We have repaired many Diesel ECMs.


If you are having issues like loss of power or no start we maybe able to repair your ECM.

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Terms of Service

Please read all information below. By hiring us to repair your Computer you agree to our terms. If not do not hire us and do not send your computer.

What you need to know:

  • In my opinion Paccar ECMs are a bad design. They built them a lot like a pressure cooker. They even have built a pressure release valve on the top of the ECM. It looks like a button and it has a air hole at the bottom. They are built to go right against the engine where it will get very hot and during the hot summer time it's even worse.
  • When the Paccar truck is turned on it heats up and exhales hot air. When it cools it can intake air or water or oil in through the vent hole. This can cause damage to the mother board and disrupt the computers operations over time.
  • That's how a ECM can end up with liquid inside it. Not all of the Paccar ECMs end up with liquids in them. But it's a problem we have seen.
  • Other times when the ECM can't be communicated with it May have corrupted software. Sometimes we can repair that also.
  • The biggest problem we noticed is these computers are so well sealed they can't be opened unless you have the right equipment to get inside them.
  • Some mechanics and or re builders just take screw drivers and they destroy the ECM on entry. One slip of the screw driver and it can cut the circuit board. Making it unrepeatable. We developed a new vent valve the one they used seems to allow water and oil to enter the ECM. See photo below. Our vent point is directed away from the air coming into the engine. It should protect the ECM much better.


Drain to cap
Paccar ECM vent valve

Due to the inherent risk we are not responsible for damage from trying to repair your ECM. At the point of working on your unit it may be aged and stressed to the point it is not possible to avoid some damage.

  • We do make every effort to be gentile. It's not possible for us to accept responsibility if the computer sustains damage.
  • We do not accept responsibility for the cost of Mechanics or towing or anything else. Nor replacement or repairs of your car or truck. We don't accept the cost of parking or storage for any reason.
  • Cost including shipping to and from us are paid for by the customer. Some computers are repaired outside the USA. Experienced techs are valuable and may be resident of other countries. We reserve the right to ship units over seas for repairs and programming. Remote viewing sessions are sometimes used to get experienced help on repairs as well.
  • Some computers need more work then others and take more time. Therefore we reserve the right to extend delivery times.
  • In the event we can not repair your computer we may be able to offer a replacement for a added cost. If that is not possible a credit for the repair cost will be kept on account for the next jobs. If a refund is needed the testing and inspection fee is $449.

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